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Casino Scams

Casino Scams

Casinos deal with millions and millions of dollars every single day. And some players want to have a share of all that money, but through unfair means. Several players have devised methods to cheat the casino and steal money. Some casino scams have become famous because of their ingenuity and sheer brilliance and because players have been able to swindle millions of dollars from the casino. These scams have helped casinos become more careful and develop better security measures and protect the casino from such scams.

A very memorable scam that was pulled off in the mid 90’s was the work of the Roselli brothers from Monmouth, New Jersey. The brothers pulled off their ingenious scam in Atlantic City, Las Vegas and Puerto Rico. The scam was so well planned that it went undetected till January 2000!

The scam began when the brothers hired a computer hacker to break into the credit card systems. The brothers then pilfered the credit histories of certain Americans (and foreigners) who had outstanding credit ratings and several accounts. After this the brothers opened new accounts in the names of the people they had selected from the list. Then the brothers applied to the credit department of several major casinos in the three gambling cities.

According to the casino policy, casinos could only establish credit if stable cash balances had to be maintained in bank accounts for a minimum of six months. But this was hardly a problem for the diabolic duo. They had enough money from their previous scams and opened accounts in several names immediately and placed fifty thousand dollars in each account. Six months later, seeing the stable bank balance maintained in the accounts, virtually all the casinos the brothers applied to for credit granted fifty thousand dollar credit lines for each of the fake accounts they had created.

The brothers would alternate their scam between Atlantic City casinos, Las Vegas casinos and Puerto Rico casinos every weekend and they managed to continue the con for almost five long years! And they played their parts marvelously. The brothers would go to casinos, sign markers and get their chips. They would then use “offset” betting methods to make the pit bosses believe that they were really losing all their chips. And to make themselves look even more genuine, they would promptly payback all outstanding markers.

Their credit lines were raised even higher because the brothers played hard at the casino and paid their markers within a few days of leaving the casino; and this is a virtue that casino’s credit department truly adore.

Soon their credit lines soared from just fifty thousand, to a hundred thousand, to two hundred thousand, to half a million and then a million dollars at one of the classiest mega casino resorts. The brothers kept their game up for years and their glided through the complexities of ensuring that the pit bosses didn’t know that the two brothers were impersonating several people at a time. They used the help of several loyal associates from New Jersey and walked away with 37 million dollars. Till date the FBI have not been able to capture or even identify the masterminds behind the identity theft credit card scam.

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